The Great Orme Goats of Llandudno

The Great Orme in Llandudno is home to a herd of wild Kashmiri Goats who were presented as a gift to Lord Mostyn.

The goats of Llandudno take over the town!

The goats that roam the Great Orme are now direct descendants of this original herd. During lockdown these goats have now come off the orme and into the town. It seems the gardens of Llandudno aren’t safe from their appetite for anything and everything!

BBC video of the goats

The BBC have reported on the goats along with the national newspapers. The BBC have reported on the goats and their descent into town, you can see view this BBC article here  or alternatively take a look at the video below by The Guardian

Goats are quite tame and very happy to photographed.

Goats of Llandudno in a garden

Here are the goats in someone’s back garden

Come and stay

Why not come and see the Kashmiri goats for yourself.

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